Hand and Flick Carders 

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Hand carders are the way to card short stapled fleece into rolags for long draw spinning, but they are far more versatile than just that. They can be used for blending colours or fibres, for sampling small quantities of fleece for spinning, or preparing small quantities of fibre for felt making. We have a range of hand carders to suit everyone.

Louet fine hand carders

46 tpi (approx)Suitable for most fibres. carding area 19cm x 10cm

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£81.00 per pair (UK P&P £5.00)

Louet Extra Fine Hand Carders

110 tpi (approx)Suitable for finer or exotic fibres.Carding area 19cm x 10cm

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£81.00 per pair (UK P&P £5.00)

Louet Extra Fine Mini Hand Carders

110tpi (approx)Ideal for carding small quantities or for children or those with wrist problems.Carding area 10cm x 10cm

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£58.00 per pair (UK P&P £5.00)

Hedgehog Equipment Hand Carders

72 tpi (approx)Suitable for most fibres.Flat backed hand carders made from quality plywood with lightly padded card cloth.

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£40.00 per pair (UK P&P £5.00)

Majacraft Hand Carders

96tpi (approx)Suitable for most fibres.Majacraft hand carders are unique. The backs are made of curved bamboo plywood and the handles are wide and flat. 

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£114.00 per pair (UK P&P £5.00)

Louet Flick Carder

A quick and easy way to prepare fibre for spinning, the Louet flick carder head measures 6cm x 10cm.
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£35.00 (UK P&P £5.00)

Majacraft Flick Carder

This flick carder is lightweight, yet very strong. The ergonomic aluminium handle puts your hand directly over the working area, giving more control and reducing wrist strain.

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£51.50 (UK P&P £5.00)