Majacraft Suzie and Suzie Pro

To order a Majacraft Suzie or Suzie Pro please email or telephone 01873 890712

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The Suzie is the original Majacraft double drive spinning wheel, but it has been developed and upgraded over the years. It has easy to use Scotch tension and is mainly made from New Zealand rimu. The MDF drive wheel gives smoothness and will not warp while its rimu veneer means it matches the rest of the spinning wheel beautifully.

The Suzie Pro is based on the standard Suzie design, bur comes with extra features that make it even smoother and more versatile. The painted dark green drive wheel is heavier than that of the standard Suzie, giving greater inertia and even smoother spinning. it is supplied with 2 whorls (also painted dark green) - a standard whorl and a high speed one. To complement the high speed whorl the Suzie Pro comes with an 'E' flyer - a round orifice flyer with ceramic inserts in the orifice, yarn guides and flyer hook - as well as the delta flyer.

Features (standard Suzie): Scotch tension; 5 main ratios on the whorl supplied (approx 4.2:1, 6.4:1, 8.9:1, 11.3:1 & 14.5:1; intermediate ratios are also available; 4 plastic bobbins; delta orifice flyer; the upright folds down to allow easy transport and is adjustable so you can find your most comfortable spinning position; can be assembled to suit left or right handed spinning; fits all Majacraft accessories.

Features (Suzie Pro): as the standard Suzie above, but also includes; 4 extra main ratios with the additional whorl supplied (approx 9.5:1, 12.4:1, 15.0:1 & 18.8:1; intermediate ratios are also available); 'E' flyer.

Suzie: (Available to order only)  £1,095.00 (Free UK P&P)

Suzie Pro: (out of stock) £1,220.00 (Free UK P&P)