Majacraft Rose

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The Rose has a classic spoked wheel, giving it a more traditional feel than other Majacraft spinning wheels. It has easy to use Scotch tension and comes with 2 whorls (a standard whorl and a slow one) and 2 flyers (a fine fibre flyer and a delta one) so you can easily produce a variety of yarns. it also comes with 4 plastic bobbins and a bobbin carrier which doubles as a lazy kate.

Features: Scotch tension; 10 main ratios with the whorls supplied (slow whorl approx 4.7:1, 6.1:1, 8.2:1, 12.7:1 & 17.5:1; standard whorl approx 7.6:1, 9.3:1, 12.5:1, 16.6:1 & 21.9:1; intermediate ratios are also available); 4 plastic bobbins; 2 flyers (delta and round orifice fine fibre flyer); bobbin carrier (holds 3 bobbins, spare whorl and allen key and doubles as a lazy kate); the upright folds to allow easy transport and is adjustable so you can find your most comfortable spinning position; can be assembled to suit either left or right handed spinning.

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