Louet Victoria

Available in lacquered beech or the Louet Victoria is an ideal travel wheel. It is scotch tension (flyer led) and has 3 ratios. It comes complete with 3 bobbins and a 2 bobbin travel lazy kate. The optional padded travel bag makes it ideal to take out and about with you.

Louet Victoria specifications: Scotch tension; ratios available 1:6, 1:8.5 & 1:12; orifice diameter 8mm (12mm if orifice reducer is removed); orifice height 590mm; weight 3.6kg.

Louet Victoria optional accessories (please see the Louet spinning accessory pages for more information): padded carry bag; Irish tension/art yarn set (requires separate flyers/bobbins); high speed set; 3rd shaft for travel lazy kate; 4 bobbin stand alone lazy kate.

Beech Louet Victoria w/out bagout of stock£635 (Free UK P&P)

Beech Louet Victoria with bagout of stock£740 (Free UK P&P)
Oak Louet VictoriaNo longer available