Louet Bobbins

Louet make a range of bobbins for their spinning wheels. Information about bobbins for their current models is given below. If you can't find what you are looking for or have any queries please contact us.

S10C Irish Tension Regular Bobbin

Ratios: 5.5:1, 7.5:1,10.5:1 Volume: 670 cubic cmRequires standard Irish tension flyer
in stock£26.00 (UK P&P £5.00)

S10C Irish Tension High Speed Bobbin

Ratios: 6.5:1,9.5:1, 15:1Volume: 580 cubic cmRequires high speed Irish tension flyer
In stock£26.00 (UK P&P £5.00)

S10C Irish Tension Fat Core High Speed Bobbin

Ratios: 6.5:1, 9.5:1, 15:1Volume: 385 cubic cmrequires high speed Irish tension flyer
Available to order only£49.00 (UK P&P £5.00)

S10C Irish Tension Bulky/Art Yarn Bobbin

Ratios: 4:1, 5;1, 6;1Volume: 1240 cubic cmRequires bulky or art yarn flyer
In stock£32.00 (UK P&P £5.00)

Scotch Tension Regular Bobbin

Volume: 393 cubic cmRequires standard Scotch tension flyer
in stock£23.00 (UK P&P £5.00)

Scotch tension High Speed Bobbin

Volume: 163 cubic cmRequires high speed scotch tension flyer
In stock£23.00 (UK P&P £5.00)